// Shortcut

// Shortcut: cmd opt shift ctrl a

Automatically assigns a keyboard shortcut to the script. Will update each time you save the file. You can also change shortcuts in Main Menu -> Help -> Change script shortcut

// Menu

// Menu: My Awesome Script

Customizes the name of the script in the main menu

// Description

// Description: This script does something awesome

Describes the script in the main menu

// Author and // Twitter

Credits you when the script runs with a prompt

✨ New ✨ in Kit-1.3.0-beta.4

// Exclude

// Exclude: true

Hides the script from the Main Menu (can still be run from shortcuts, schedule, system, etc).

// Schedule

// Schedule: */10 * * * * *

Runs the script on a cron schedule.

// System

// System: unlock-screen

Runs the script on a system event.

Available events:

  • suspend
  • resume
  • on-ac
  • on-battery
  • shutdown
  • lock-screen
  • unlock-screen
  • user-did-become-active
  • user-did-resign-active

Read about the available events here

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