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Change your name on twitter

by John Lindquist
// Menu: Update Twitter Name
// Description: Change your name on twitter
// Author: John Lindquist
// Twitter: @johnlindquist
let Twitter = await npm('twitter-lite')
let envOptions = {
hint: md(
`You need to [create an app](https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps) to get these keys/tokens`,
ignoreBlur: true,
secret: true,
let client = new Twitter({
consumer_key: await env('TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY', envOptions),
consumer_secret: await env('TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET', envOptions),
access_token_key: await env('TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY', envOptions),
access_token_secret: await env('TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET', envOptions),
let name = await arg('Enter new twitter name:')
let response = await client
.post('account/update_profile', {
.catch((error) => console.log(error))