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Making scripts easy to run, write, and share

What is Script Kit?

How often do you avoid scripting something because it takes too much effort?

Script Kit makes it easy to create and run scripts that solve your daily problems. Create a new script from the prompt then your script opens in the editor of your choice. Write a few lines of JavaScript. Then run the script from the prompt.

Simply put, Script Kit helps you script away the friction of your day.

Key Features

  • ▪︎Launch the prompt from anywhere as part of your flow
  • ▪︎Add keyboard shortcuts with comments://Shortcut: opt a
  • ▪︎Prompt for input with:await arg("First name")
  • ▪︎Prompt for environment vars:await env("GITHUB_TOKEN")
  • ▪︎Load npm libraries:await npm("sharp")
  • ▪︎Share scripts directly from the prompt
  • ▪︎Launch scripts from a Stream Deck button
  • ▪︎Scripts behave the same in your terminal

Learn more

Script Kit includes a built-in tutorial and myriad examples are available on our discussions pages:

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