Open trim-video-with-ffmpeg in Script Kit

// Name: Trim video with ffmpeg
// Author: Ricardo Gonçalves Bassete
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
import { basename, dirname, extname } from "node:path"
const inputPath = await selectFile('Select your video file')
const start = await arg('Start (hh:mm:ss)')
const end = await arg('End (hh:mm:ss)')
const outputName = await arg('Output name')
const fileDir = dirname(inputPath)
const ext = extname(inputPath)
const flags = [
`-i "${inputPath}"`,
`-ss ${start}`,
`-to ${end}`,
`-c copy "${outputName}.${ext}"`
await hide()
await exec(`ffmpeg ${flags.join(' ')}`)
title: "Trim video with ffmpeg",
message: `Finished trimming ${basename(inputPath)}`