Open recent vscode project with support for Remote Explorer (SSH/WSL, etc) and Virtual Desktop (Remote Github project). Also displays projects in a more user friendly way (short labels for project names with full path below) and now has full windows support!

Open open-recent-vs-code-project in Script Kit

Based on the original project by @johnlindquist

Looks something like this when run:


(Also supports opening recent projects that are a single file, set includeSingleFiles=true to enable)

// Name: Open Recent VS Code Project v2
// GitHub: @benschlegel
// Author: Ben Schlegel
// Description: Open recent vscode project (with remote connection support)
// Shortcode code
// Shortcut: cmd shift o
import "@johnlindquist/kit"
import { Action } from "@johnlindquist/kit"
import { URL, fileURLToPath } from "url"
import * as path from 'path';
* Wether to include projects that are a single file in recent projects (defaults to false)
const includeSingleFiles = false
// /Users/johnlindquist/Library/Application Support/Code/User/globalStorage/state.vscdb
let filename = home("Library", "Application Support", "Code", "User", "globalStorage", "state.vscdb")
// windows path
if (isWin) filename = home("AppData", "Roaming", "Code", "User", "globalStorage", "state.vscdb")
// @ts-ignore
let { default: sqlite3 } = await import("sqlite3")
let { open } = await import("sqlite")
const db = await open({
driver: sqlite3.Database,
let key = `history.recentlyOpenedPathsList`
let table = `ItemTable`
let result = await db.get(`SELECT * FROM ${table} WHERE key = '${key}'`)
let recentPaths = JSON.parse(result.value)
// Collect all "recent project" data and parse it for display in kit (special cases for vscode-remote, virtual desktop and single files)
let recentFilePaths: Action[] = []
for (const entry of recentPaths.entries) {
// Check if entry is a folder
if (entry.folderUri) {
if (entry.folderUri.startsWith("file://")) {
// Default case (recent project is a regular folder)
let path = fileURLToPath(new URL(entry.folderUri))
const label = getLabelFromPath(path)
if (path.includes(":\\")) {
path = getCapitalizedPath(path)
recentFilePaths.push({name: label ?? "fallback", description: path, value: path})
} else if ((entry.folderUri.startsWith("vscode-remote://") || entry.folderUri.startsWith("vscode-vfs://"))) {
// Project is a folder but on remote (ssh or github virtual desktop)
const label = entry.label ?? getLabelFromPath(entry.folderUri, true);
// vscode remote session expects to be launched like `code --folder-uri=vscode-remote://<path>` (same for vscode-vfs)
const value = `--folder-uri=${entry.folderUri}`
recentFilePaths.push({name: label, description: entry.folderUri, value: value})
} else {
// This branch only occurs if recent project is a single file instead of entire folder (ignored by default)
// To also add single files to recent projects, go to line 9 and change `includeSingleFiles` from false to true
if (includeSingleFiles) {
try {
const path = fileURLToPath(new URL(entry.fileUri))
const label = getLabelFromPath(path)
recentFilePaths.push({name: label, description: path, value: path})
} catch (error) {
// In case recent project is different non supported type
console.error(`Failed to parse ${entry.folderUri}. Error: ${error}`)
let recentPath = await arg("Open recent project", recentFilePaths)
await exec(`code ${recentPath}`)
function getLabelFromPath(inPath: string, isRemote = false) {
const outPathBase = path.basename(inPath)
if (!isRemote) {
return outPathBase
} else {
const parts = inPath.split("%2B");
const protocol = parts[0].split("://")[1].replaceAll("-remote", "").toUpperCase();
const host = parts[1].split("/")[0];
return `${outPathBase} [${protocol}: ${host}]`
function getCapitalizedPath(path: string) {
const firstCharNew = path.charAt(0).toUpperCase();
const slicedPath = path.slice(1)
return firstCharNew + slicedPath;